Welcome to the Bockelie Law Office Blog!

Welcome to utahbizlaw, the blog of the Bockelie Law Office. This blog, brought to you by Nanci Snow Bockelie and the Bockelie Law Office, PLLC of Salt Lake City, Utah, covers legal issues of interest to small businesses and their  owners.

Recent News:

2016 Changes to Laws Governing Non-Compete Agreements

Important News for Utah Limited Liability Companies: Major Legal Changes Now In Place!

Protect Yourself From Unwanted Withholding!

Your Business and the Affordable Care Act

About the Bockelie Law Office

For over 25 years, I have worked on legal issues for businesses large and small. I started the Bockelie Law Office in 1999 to focus on helping small business owners build their dreams and keep their businesses operating. I will periodically post articles on this blog of interest to small businesses and their owners.

For more information about me and the Bockelie Law office and how we can help your business, check out the ABOUT page, or visit my website, www.bockelie-law.com for additional useful information.

Nothing on this blog is intended, or should be considered by the reader, as legal advice. Legal advice can only be given after careful consideration of your exact factual situation. If you would like to contact me regarding a specific matter, please contact me directly.

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